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New member and Jitterbug Perfume

I was directed here with this little story by a fellow JP-lover in another group.  I am enjoying reading past entries and hope that mine is a worty addition.

Just another instance of how perfume (and leisure reading!) makes me smarter and helps me with vet school:

I was just reading through my Large Animal Internal Medicine book, an article on "Choke and Esophageal Disorders" when I came across this sentence: "Objects such as potatoes, apples, or mangels may be swallowed whole or in chunks too large to pass the entire esophagus, especially in cattle." 
My initial reaction: WTF?  Lucky for my profs and the authors of this book, I have read Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins, so I KNOW what a mangel is (a beet!). 
I took pause and did a quick internet dictionary search to see if they could have possibly meant something else, nope, probably not. 
Beet it is.  Or mangel.  Weird. 
Good thing I have an obsession with good perfume and perfume stories, otherwise my schooling might have stalled right there and then, on that unexpected word.
I feel like I should write Tom Robbins and thank him for saving my career.  :)
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