Spacekadette (spacekadette) wrote in be_the_pinecone,

Need quote help

Gawd, I know this is kind of vague.

I recall once noting a quote from one of TR's novels that declare, "to enjoy life one must fully appreciate the pleasure of being terribly deceived".

That's in no way an exact quote, but it's close. Unfortunately, I can't even remember which book.

Can anyone help me out????

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Hmm. That sounds like something that would be in Skinny Legs and All or maybe Half Asleep.

A ha! It isn't Tom at all, it is Oscar Wilde.

The secret of life is to appreciate the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived. - Oscar Wilde
Oh, interesting. Now I'm wondering in what context I could've possibly heard it in a TR novel.

I would think I would've remebered it not being by him if he'd given credit, but since I can even recall which book there's a good chance I suppose that I'm wrong.

It sounds very Robbins, too. But, thanks for the help!!! :)