switterbeet (switterbeet) wrote in be_the_pinecone,

best robbins recommendation I've ever given

Once upon a thrift store, a young Sissy Hankshaw doppelgänger happened by my till.

When I saw this girl, this 16 year old, lanky blonde, wearing a cowgirl hat, mud on her face, with skin like cream squeezed that very morning, I paused. There was absolutely no questioning who she was.

She and her mother approached the counter, with what else but cowgirl boots in hand. Sissy had that look in her eye. She had found her home in these boots, of course, and she quietly wanted them. Mother spoke on behalf of daughter, asking if the price might be shaved down a wee bit. I sighed, and while attempting to avoid staring after certain thumbs, confessed that they could try talking to a manager but I didn't think it would happen. Crestfallen, the two walked away.

About five minutes later, I was hauling used merch around, and found the lass looking through books separated from her mama. I couldn't resist.

No introductions necessary.
"Hey, have you ever heard of Tom Robbins?"
"There's a book you need to read, it's called Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, by Tom Robbins."

And I was off without further explanation. I did get to see Ma Hankshaw secretly buying the pricey boots with an indulgent smile on her face before the little lady left.
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