cannon_will (cannon_will) wrote in be_the_pinecone,

in the interst of brevity for folks tuning in from face book

there are some actionable items that i'd like to put out there for the group.

*if anyone knows of a brilliant artisan/crafter/maker/musician/poet/story teller/circus troupe/ what have you we would like to meet them, and give them coffee and a kazoo

*if any of you has a festival that you'd like to see manifest. we're probably game. right now on the tom robbins appreciable front we're organizing the Kentucky armadillo festival to celebrate our states newest fauna (arrived via global warming just last year) as sort of a gallows humor environmental barbecue and beer event, and The Kentucky Derby is Decadent & Depraved a decentralized street music festival organized to strike fear and wonder into the hearts of derby goers (that one's got a dusty old myspace page over at . we may well also be asked to take on the Kentucky Out House Blow Out  ( which is rampant speculation.

*i could also use a really high resolution scan of the hot dog on the cover of another roadside attraction the old one with the gentleman with a mustache

*i'd like for all of you to have an astounding day.

speaking of face book, sadly we are much more active there than on live journal, look us up!  we also have a pretty neglected myspace page, if that's you're thing.

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