Gina (fireflyye) wrote in be_the_pinecone,

Really, why TR is my favorite writer

Tomato God

"This is the earthy face of Vineripeus, the ancient New Jersey tomato god. He's usually depicted with his consort, Mayo, the universal goddess of condiments. It
may be unnecessary to point this out, but, yes, I DID paint this myself. " Tom Robbins

In the domain of the Tomato God, many truths are True.

In a Tomato patch near you, John Paul Ziller, Plucky Purcell and Jesus Christ have reurned from their journey to the solar source as pure sunlight. The tomatoes have, on command of Vineripeus soaked them up, and created a sacrement for you to pluck and consume.

In the domain of the Tomato God, and the Goddess Mayo, Wonder Bred.
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